Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are measurements that show how your team in performing on its core responsibilities. It's important to constantly monitor KPIs to ensure the health of your team, detect any issues in a timely matter and take immediate action through OKRs. 

We've added KPIs into Perdoo to allow teams to see the full picture and drive business success. On one end you monitor the team's performance through KPIs and on the other the things being achieved to break the status quo and push the company forward, through OKRs. Both KPIs and OKRs are very important. Healthy KPIs will keep the lights on, they will give you the flexibility to create OKRs to improve, build and innovate to remain competitive and relevant. Unhealthy KPIs will signal that there's something wrong with your business that needs immediate attention (you can then create an OKR to fix this).

KPIs vary by team. When defining KPIs for your team, consider:

  1. These metrics will influence your team's daily behavior
  2. Their status determines the team's performance (i.e if all are above the threshold value, then the team is healthy)

Some examples:

Marketing: Cost Per Lead
Customer Success: Customer Satisfaction Score
Sales: Sales Qualified Lead to Customer Conversion Rate

To enable KPIs for your team:

  1. Go to your Group profile
  2. Edit you team by clicking on the pencil on the top right
  3. Select the check box that reads Enable KPI's for this group
  4. Click Submit

To add KPIs for your team:

  1. From your Group profile, click on the plus button on the top right
  2. Select Add KPI
  3. From the pop up, add the Metric name, Metric unit and Current value
  4. Click Submit

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