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How can I structure our OKRs for my matrix organization?
How can I structure our OKRs for my matrix organization?
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You can reflect matrix organizations in Perdoo. This means that different business units, regions, brands, product lines, etc can live in the same Perdoo account with their shared functional services.

Teams are a flexible way to create your organizational structure. Essentially a Team can be a business unit, brand, product line, department, team, etc. For example, you can set your different business units up as Teams, as well as the shared functional services as their own Teams too. The business units will then create their own OKRs with the support of the functional shared services (and you can make these goals shared ownership when appropriate). Typically the functional shared services will only have their own OKRs if they are doing something that will support the entire company, rather than a specific business until.

If you currently have 1 business in Perdoo and want to expand to other business units, you can transition the account by converting the original business until to a Team (rather than a company) and you'll move all the goals over to that Team.

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