The Growth Board allows you to view OKRs that are aligned to each KPI, so you can understand how you’re planning to achieve any new target:

Aligned OKRs on the Growth Board

To see the OKR on the Growth Board, you'll need to create an Objective from the KPI itself by creating an OKR to improve a KPI.

You can do this by clicking on the 3-dot menu beside the KPI name on the Growth Board > Add OKR to improve KPI:

Add OKR to improve KPI from the Growth Board

You'll also find this option from the KPI's Owner profile page (user, Group, or Company):

💡 Pro tip: If you want to see the OKR on the Roadmap instead, align your Objective to a KPI.

For this, you need to specify the OKR's alignment via What will this OKR do? (or if you're editing the Objective, use the 3-dot menu > Edit Objective > What will this OKR do?):

Use What will this OKR do? to specify alignment

From there, choose Improve a KPI and select the KPI you want to link to via the dropdown menu:

Select Improve a KPI in

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