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Why can't I see my OKR aligned to a KPI on a KPI Board?
Why can't I see my OKR aligned to a KPI on a KPI Board?
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A KPI Board allows you to view OKRs that are aligned to each KPI, so you can understand how you’re planning to achieve any new target:

Aligned OKRs on the Growth Board

To see the OKR on a KPI Board, you'll need to create an Objective from the KPI itself by creating an OKR to improve a KPI.

You can do this by clicking on the 3-dot menu beside the KPI name on a KPI Board > Add OKR to improve KPI:

Add OKR to improve KPI from the Growth Board

You'll also find this option from the KPI's Owner profile page (user, Team, or Company):

💡 Pro tip: If you want to see the OKR on the Map instead, align your Objective to another Objective, a Strategic Pillar, or a KPI (please note that only highest cadence OKRs aligned to KPIs show on the Map).

For this, you need to specify the OKR's alignment via What will this OKR do? (or if you're editing the Objective, use the 3-dot menu > Edit Objective > What will this OKR do?):

Use What will this OKR do? to specify alignment

From there, choose Improve a KPI and select the KPI you want to link to via the dropdown menu:

Select Improve a KPI in

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