To update a KPI directly from the Growth Board, click on the update progress button by hovering over the KPI name:

Update progress button on the Growth Board

The same button is available in KPI modals as well:

Update progress button on KPI modal

💡 Pro tip: When creating a KPI, you first enter a current/start value, not the target value:

Current value when creating a KPI

Once you've update progress once, you cannot edit your current value (unless you delete your progress update):

Current value when editing a KPI

Click on the KPI name and scroll to the Activity section. There, you'll find all progress updates and the ability to delete them (you can then create a new backdated progress update, if necessary):

Delete KPI progress update from KPI modal

From KPI modal, in addition to updating progress, you can also set monthly targets:

Set monthly KPI targets

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