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What is the best practice for an OKR that is owned by 2 or more teams?
What is the best practice for an OKR that is owned by 2 or more teams?
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To represent cross-functional teams and goals in Perdoo, you have 3 options.

  1. Use Contributors to mark who's helping out with that goal.

    1. When creating Objectives or Results, find this under Advanced Options:

b. When editing Objectives or Results, find this in the right side panel:

2. Create a new, (temporary) Team that comprises of users from both teams:

  • Go to Configure

  • Navigate to the Teams tab

  • Click on Add Team

  • Add a name

  • Choose a Team lead

  • Add Team members

  • In Advanced Options, add any Subteams that should be nested under this Team

  • Hit Submit

3. ℹ️ Available on Supreme.

Create a custom tag to represent the other team or teams:

  • Go to Configure > General > Tags

  • Click the + icon to add a tag

  • Name your tag, add a description (optional), and pick a color to quickly identify it

  • Hit Submit

Then add the tag to your Objective:

  • Open the Objective that you wish to tag

  • Find the Tags field in the right side panel

  • Click Add tag and select your tag(s)

  • Click Done

4. ℹ️ Available on Premium and Supreme.

When you create an Objective, select Shared ownership and pick the respective Teams. This will first need to be enabled through Configure > Features in order to see the options.

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