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What is the best practice for an OKR that is owned by 2 or more teams?
What is the best practice for an OKR that is owned by 2 or more teams?
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To represent cross-functional teams and goals in Perdoo, you have 3 options.

  1. Use Contributors to mark who's helping out with that goal (you can find this in More options when creating or editing Objectives or Results):

    Contributors field in Advanced Options when creating or editing an OKR

  2. Create a new, (temporary) Group that comprises of users from both teams:

    • Go to Configure

    • Navigate to the Groups tab

    • Click on Add Group

    • Add a name

    • Choose a Group lead

    • Add Group members

    • In Advanced Options, add any Subgroups that should be nested under this Group

    • Hit Submit

    Create a new Group from Configure

  3. ℹ️ Premium and Supreme only

    Create a custom tag to represent the other team or teams:

    • Go to Configure > General > Tags

    • Click the + icon to add a tag

    • Name your tag, add a description (optional), and pick a color to quickly identify it

    • Hit Submit

    Then add the tag to your Objective:

    • Open the Objective that you wish to tag

    • Click the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner, and choose Edit Objective

    • Scroll down to Tags, and pick your tag(s)

    • Hit Save

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