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ChartMogul integration
ChartMogul integration

Use our Google Sheet integration to pull subscription data from ChartMogul to automatically update your goals.

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Our integrations meet your team where they are by bringing all the tools you already use into Perdoo.

Using our Google Sheets integration, integrate with ChartMogul by following these steps:

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1. This integration works on top of our existing Google Sheets integration. If you don't have that set up yet, contact our Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen (or email so we can set one up for you.

2. Inside the Sheet we shared with you, create a new Sheet:

Add Sheet in GSheet integration

3. From the menu at the top, select Extensions then Apps Script:

Extensions then Apps Script from the GSheets integration menu at the top

4. Add a name for your Apps Script project, like "Perdoo<>Chartmogul".

5. Copy the contents of the Google Appscript here, and paste it into your new project.

6. Replace APITOKEN with your Chartmogul API token (this article explains how to create an API key in Chartmogul).

7. Click Save project (the floppy disk icon).

💡 Pro tip: You can edit the Appscript to add or remove data points to be pulled (more info on the Chartmogul API here).

8. Then click Run (the play button icon) to run the selected function, and check that the data appears in the Sheet you created.

9. Once you’re happy with the data, on the left side menu of the Google Appscript page, select Triggers and add a trigger to run daily so your data is up to date:

Play button on Google Appscript page

10. You’ll then be asked to confirm that you’re happy to give the permissions to access the Sheet. Click on "Review permissions" on the Authorization required pop-up, select your Google account, and click "Allow".

  • Why does the add-on need this access? Google asks for permissions for all sheets in their copy, but AppScripts can only be added to a single Sheet at a time. So it can’t actually access anything else on your Google Drive.

11. Link the values in the second Sheet you created in step 2 to the ones in the one we provided as part of the Google Sheet integration. To do this, type = and then navigate to the field and click the cell:

Formula to link sheets

And you're done! Perdoo will then check once a day, around 2AM CET, for the new value in this spreadsheet, to keep your goals automatically up-to-date!

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