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The HubSpot connector for Google Sheets is a simple Google Sheets add-on, built by Perdoo, that pulls reporting data from your HubSpot account into a Google Sheet. From there, you can use the Perdoo Google Sheets integration to update your goals with your HubSpot data.

Please note: you'll need admin rights in both your Google Workspace account and your Hubspot account in order to successfully set up this integration.

There are two main steps to using this integration. Setting up the HubSpot connector for Google Sheets, and then using the Perdoo Google Sheets integration to update your goals in Perdoo with that HubSpot data.

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Watch this video walkthrough, or scroll down for detailed instructions.

💡 Pro tip: Why use a spreadsheet integration? It gives you complete flexibility to run formulas and manipulate your Hubspot data before sending it to Perdoo. For example, you might like to calculate conversion rates.

Step 1: Pull HubSpot data into your Google Sheet

Head to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search for the “HubSpot connector by Perdoo” or click here.

Click “Install”.

You’ll be prompted to choose a Google account that you’d like to use the HubSpot connector with. Pick one.

You’ll then be asked to confirm that you’re happy to give the HubSpot connector access to certain aspects of your Google account. Scroll down, and click “Allow”.

  • Why does the add-on need this access? For example, it needs access to spreadsheets that it’s installed in, in order to add HubSpot data into that spreadsheet. It also needs to be able to send emails on your behalf, so you can receive error reports in case your HubSpot report fails to update once it's set up.

Next, open up a new Google Sheet. Hint: you can type “sheet.new” into any browser.

Now we need to connect your HubSpot account. Go to Extensions > Add-ons > HubSpot connector by Perdoo for OKRs and KPIs > HubSpot > Authorise App.

A pop-up will appear to confirm you’d like to be taken to HubSpot to authorize the app. Select “Authorize app”.

Select your HubSpot account, and hit “Choose account”. Then click “Connect app”.

  • The add-on requires certain permissions to access your HubSpot data, and to pull that data into your Google Sheet. It’s important to note that Perdoo does not have access to any of this data.

With the connection to HubSpot complete. It’s time to pull a report into your spreadsheet.

Go back to your Google Sheet, and select Extensions > Active Sheet > Create contacts (or sales) analysis report.

The report creator will then open, and you can pick which metric you’d like to run a report on, and configure your report.

  • The Contacts report looks at the individual contacts/people in your HubSpot account (when they were created, their source, or their country). The Sales report looks at metrics like the number of deals won and your average deal size.

  • For both reports, you can choose a date range (reporting period), and how you would like to group the data to, for example, see average deal size by month. The Sales analytics report additionally allows you to filter the report by particular teams or users, to eg see only the deals owned by particular coworkers.

Click “Generate report” and the connector will pull the report into your Sheet so that you can preview it.

This process can take a few seconds. Once your report is set up correctly, click “Save & Close”. You can edit your report at any time by heading to Extensions > HubSpot connector… > Active Sheet > Update report.

To pick how frequently your report should refresh itself, go to Extensions > HubSpot connector… > Auto-refresh settings. From here, you can turn Auto-refresh on, and under the “Reporting” tab, choose to receive email alerts if your report runs into an error (e.g. it loses connection to your HubSpot account).

With your report set up in your spreadsheet, it’s time to use that data to update your goals in Perdoo.

Step 2: Updating goals in Perdoo using the Perdoo Google Sheets integration

If you haven't already, set up the Perdoo Google Sheets integration. Reach out to our friendly support team who will enable this for your account. Send them a message via the chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

With the Perdoo Google Sheets integration set up, open up the Google Sheet that our Support team shared with you.

In Perdoo, find the goal that you'd like to integrate, open it up, and copy the goal ID from the URL as shown below (it's the bit after /kpi/ or /kr/).

In a new row paste this ID into the ID column of the Google Sheet, and enter the type of goal in the TYPE column ('kpi', 'keyresult', or 'initiative'). Although it's not necessary, we'd recommend filling out the NAME column too, for quick reference in the future.

In the value COLUMN, you can pull in the relevant value from the HubSpot sheet we set up earlier. As such, Perdoo doesn't have access to any of your data – the Perdoo Google Sheets integration only needs the ID, a goal type, and a value. Perdoo doesn't have any access to what that value means, or access to other aspects of your HubSpot data beyond that one value.

  • How to pull in a value from one Google Sheet to another. The easiest way to pull in a value is to use Google Sheet's Importrange function. You'll find more details in Google's help documentation.

Your goal in Perdoo will then update once per day (around 2am CET) with the value in the corresponding row in your Google Sheet!

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