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Stripe integration
Stripe integration

Use our Google Sheet integration to pull payment data from Stripe to automatically update your goals.

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Our integrations meet your team where they are by bringing all the tools you already use into Perdoo. Stripe is a payment processor that allows business owners to accept payments from credit and debit cards.

Using our Google Sheets integration, integrate with Stripe by following these steps:

Make sure you have a Google Sheets integration set up. If you don't yet, simply install our GSheets Add-on , (2) Connect a GSheet to your Perdoo account, (3) Automatically pull data from any spreadsheet and 200+ apps. You can learn more here.

  1. Log into your Google Drive account, and make a copy of this Google Sheet.

  2. To find your Stripe secret key, log in to your Stripe account.

  3. Click Account from the top-right corner of the page, then Account Settings.

  4. Click the API Keys from the top tabs. Here, you will need the Live Secret Key:

    Get secret key from API keys in Stripe
  5. Return to your copied Stripe Sync spreadsheet.

  6. From the navigation menu, click Extensions > Stripe Sync > Setup:

    Click Extensions > Stripe Sync > Setup

  7. In the pop-up window that appears, enter your Live Secret Key, Granularity, Initial load and Metrics where prompted:

    Enter your details in the pop up
  8. Click Save.

  9. Select a cell in your spreadsheet where you want balance data to be written.

  10. Click Extensions > Stripe Sync > Initial Load:

    Select a cell and go to Extensions > Stripe Sync > Initial Load

  11. Click Run.

  12. Link goals from your Stripe Sync spreadsheet to the one set up via our Google Sheets integration:

    • Open your Google Sheet which is integrated with Perdoo.

    • In an empty cell, enter "=IMPORTRANGE".

      • In parenthesis, add the following specifications in quotation marks and separated by a comma*:
        - The URL of the spreadsheet in Sheets.
        - The sheet name and the range of cells to import
        Example: =IMPORTRANGE("", "sheet1!A1:A1")

      • Press Enter and click Allow access to connect the 2 spreadsheets:

    • Follow step 2 of our Google Sheets integration.

  13. To schedule the values to sync automatically (for example, every hour), click Add-ons > Stripe Sync > Schedule Sync:

    Use Add-ons > Stripe Sync > Schedule Sync to schedule the values to sync every hour

And you're done!

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