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Google Analytics integration
Google Analytics integration

Update progress on your goals with data from Google Analytics.

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Our integrations meet your team where they are by bringing all the tools you already use into Perdoo.

Using our Google Sheets integration, integrate with Google Analytics by following these steps:

Make sure you have a Google Sheets integration set up. If you don't yet, simply install our GSheets Add-on , (2) Connect a GSheet to your Perdoo account, (3) Automatically pull data from any spreadsheet and 200+ apps. You can learn more here.

1. First, add the Google Analytics Add-on for Google Sheets. In a Google Sheet of your choosing, go to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons:

Go to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons in the Google Sheet of your choice

2. In the Google Workspace Marketplace, search for Google Analytics, then select Install:

Search for and install Google Analytics add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace

3. Confirm that you're happy to give Google Sheets access to your Google Analytics account by clicking Continue:

Grant access to your Google Analytics account

4. Once you've received confirmation that the add-on is successfully installed, click Done:

Confirmation step once add-on is installed

5. Then load the Google Analytics add-on on your Gsheet via Extensions > Google Analytics > Create new report:

Extensions > Google Analytics > Create new report

6. Next, give your report a name, and choose your configuration options, such as picking which metrics to pull (for example "new users"):

Create a new report by naming your report and choosing your configuration options like which metrics to pull

7. You can then continue to configure your report from inside the Sheet, by editing the cells to ie. change start/end dates. More details on how to create reports can be found here.

8. Once you've prepared your report, you can run it via Extensions > Google Analytics > Run reports:

Run your report via Extensions > Google Analytics > Run reports

9. The Add-on then creates a new sheet for each report:

New sheet created for each report

10. Now head over to Perdoo, and find the goal (ie. KPI) that you'd like to integrate. To do this, copy the unique ID of this goal from the URL, as shown in this screenshot:

Copy the unique ID of your goal from the URL in Perdoo

11. Open up your Perdoo Google Sheet integration and choose the goal type (KPI, Key Result, or Initiative), and paste the goal's unique ID in the ID column:

12. In the value column, use an IMPORTRANGE function to pull the value from your other spreadsheet (where you set up the Google Analytics Add-on). As such, Perdoo will not have access to any other data other than the value of this goal. Once you use an IMPORTRANGE function in this cell, you will need to confirm that this spreadsheet should be allowed to pull that cell from the other spreadsheet:

Allow access to connect the sheets

13. Once you hit Allow access the spreadsheet will pull the value of the corresponding cell in the other sheet.

And you're done! Perdoo will then check once a day, around 2AM CET, for the new value in this spreadsheet, to keep your goal automatically up-to-date!

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