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Why don't Initiatives push the progress of my Key Results?
Why don't Initiatives push the progress of my Key Results?
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Initiatives are those high-level projects and tasks that you think might push your Key Results forward. But they're just that: hypotheses that you're attempting to validate. If we remember, OKRs are a move away from outputs toward outcomes.

If we follow our car analogy, say your Key Result was to pass your driver's license test. Your Initiatives could then include studying for this test.

However, studying for your driver's license test doesn't necessarily mean you will pass the test. It's just a (good) idea.

In the same way, the progress of your Objectives are dependant on the progress of your Key Results (or aligned Objectives, if flexible Objective progress calculation is enabled). And Initiatives are all those activities that could, but don't necessarily, influence the outcome set out in your Key Results.

💡 Pro tip: In Perdoo, Key Results and Initiatives are both called Results. Key Results are signified by a blue arrow icon, while Initiatives have a green checklist icon beside them:

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