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What is the best practice for incorporating KPIs in an OKR program?
What is the best practice for incorporating KPIs in an OKR program?
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We know it might be tempting to wait until you roll out your OKR program widely to begin incorporating KPIs, but first hear us out! When setting up your OKR program, it's important to get your KPIs in place first. This is because:

  • Your KPIs are what you always need to do as a business (your business as usual). You don't want to lose track of these simple indicators. Without them, you have the potential to get lost or off track when navigating OKR.

  • Your KPIs are also a potential starting point when creating OKRs. One of your KPIs is unhealthy? Create an OKR to improve a KPI.

  • Unlike KPIs, OKRs are meant to break from your business as usual. Therefore, the two shouldn't look alike. By starting with KPIs and OKRs at the same time, you tackle this problem from the start: you can easily designate whether your goal is best represented as a KPI or as an OKR.

For inspiration, check out our library full of example KPIs (and OKRs) for different teams.

💡 Pro tip: To view KPIs across multiple Teams, use the KPI Boards.

Growth KPIs on Growth Board

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