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Why aren't updates pushed to my Slack channel?
Why aren't updates pushed to my Slack channel?
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If your progress updates or Reflections aren't pushed to your desired Slack channel, this usually happens for a few reasons:

  • Your Slack user email must match your Perdoo user email in order to receive Slack Update reminders.

  • Perdoo can send updates to both private or public Slack channels, but you may need to update your Slack integration in Configure > Integrations > Slack via the Update button to unlock private channels:

    Update button in Configure > Integrations > Slack
  • Notifications have been disabled in Configure > Integrations tab > Slack.

💡 Pro tip: Update reminders don't appear in Slack channels. If you don't see them, check whether the Perdoo app has been added on Slack and click there to check whether the reminders appear.

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