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How can we reflect our company's financial calendar?
How can we reflect our company's financial calendar?
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You're easily able to customize cadences and timeframes to your preferred fiscal year.

First, make sure that cadences are enabled. You can have Quarterly and/or Annual enabled, for example. If you're not seeing a certain timeframe in your Map, go to Configure > Cadences > Quarterly or Annual, etc. > Click on the 3-dot menu beside it > Restore cadence:

Restore cadence via 3-dot menu beside Cadence name in Configure

Superadmins can determine your cadences and timeframes. Simply go to Configure > Cadences. There you can Add cadence (top right) or edit the default Timeframe.

* NOTE: Cadences without timeframes break the functionality of your Map. Delete a particular cadence or add timeframes to the particular cadence (quarterly, annual, etc). You can also do this in Configure > Timeframes > Add Timeframe > Select Cadence > Save.

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