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Pull data from Asana to automatically update your goals in Perdoo.
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Our integrations meet your team where they are by bringing all the tools you already use into Perdoo. Asana is a project management tool that helps you keep track of your tasks. Learn how to set up this native integration below.

ℹ️ This is a Premium feature.

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Activate your Asana integration

  1. Go to Configure > Integrations > Asana and click Activate:

2. Login to Asana and grant permission for Perdoo to access the Asana Account:

3. Check Configure > Integrations > Asana to verify that the Asana integration is working correctly.

How to integrate a Key Result or Initiative with Asana

1. When creating or editing a Result, click on Advanced Options.

2. Select Asana under Integration.

3. Select your Workspace and find your Project or Task by typing in the Asana Project/Task field.

Project: select the Project where progress will be measured.

Task: select the Task within a Project where progress will be measured.

4. Click Save. You will now find an Asana logo above the progress bar of your Results (to show it automatically updates):

Asana logo beside progress

Important notes

  • Perdoo will check once a day — around 2:00 AM CET — the progress of corresponding tasks, projects, or portfolios, in Asana.

  • For Projects, progress is calculated by number of tasks completed/total numbers of tasks.

  • For Tasks, if it is completed then it's 100%. If it's incomplete, then it's based on the percentage of subtasks (if there are any), otherwise it's 0%

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