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How do I add more licenses to Perdoo?
How do I add more licenses to Perdoo?
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The subscription is billed upon the renewal date. This amount is based on the monthly fee (per user, per month):

  • Your minimum purchase quantity (MPQ) is found in your Order Form and refers to the minimum amount of users you agreed to, which means even if you go below that number, you are billed for those users.

  • If you add users above the MPQ detailed in the contract, then you'll be charged the following month a prorated amount based on the time remaining in the term (for the additional users).

Active, Invited, and Reserved users all count toward user licenses. Admins and Superadmins can add/remove users (see related articles below).

Users status in Configure

If you archive a user, you will receive a prorated credit note to be applied towards future charges (if you're above your minimum) or have a free seat for a new user (if below your minimum).

If you haven't yet been billed for the additional users, you'll need to archive the old account as soon as possible. As long as you archive the old account before the invoice is generated, then you won't incur additional costs.

* NOTE: We have disabled deletion of users so that activities performed by them in the app don't disappear with the user. Archived users won't show in the lead dropdown when creating OKRs and do not count towards user licenses.

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