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Salesforce is a customer relationship management software used by Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing teams all around the world. You can automatically update progress on your goals in Perdoo with data from Salesforce.

This integration uses our Google Sheets integration to link Perdoo to Salesforce. If you don’t have the Perdoo Google Sheets integration set up, send us an email at support@perdoo.com or via the in-app chat. We‘ll then activate this for your account.

There are two steps to setting up this integration. First we’ll choose which goal(s) in Perdoo we’d like to update automatically with data from Salesforce. Then we’ll set up the data to sync from Salesforce. Let's get started!

1. Choosing which goals to update

1. Click on the goal (KPI, Key result, or Initiative) you wish to integrate.

2. From the URL, copy the ID located after /kpi/ or /kr/. Note that both Key Results and Initiatives use /kr/ in their URLs.

3. Open your Google Sheet.

4. Copy the ID to the ID column.

5. In the Type column, add which type of goal it is ('kpi', 'keyresult', or 'initiative')

Step 2: Pulling data from Salesforce

Now you’ll just need to get the value of that goal from a separate sheet within this spreadsheet – the separate sheet will contain the Salesforce data.

We'll use the "Data Connector for Salesforce" official add-on for Google Sheets. This add-on allows you to export a Salesforce report to a separate sheet.

You can then run formulas (eg to aggregate data within that Salesforce report), or simply pull a value straight from that separate sheet to use as the value for your goal.

Set up the add-on

1. Once you have access to your Google Sheet, go to Add-ons>Get add-ons, and install the Data Connector for Salesforce add-on.

2. Run through the installation and the permissions that the add-on requires, including choosing and signing into your Salesforce environment.

3. Once you've signed in and the add-on is installed, go to Add-ons and open the Data Connector for Salesforce add-on.

5. You can choose to bring in data from a Report, or use Google's query builder or SOQL. Hint: using a Report is much simpler!

6. Search for your report or find your data. Choose to add it to a new sheet. Then click Get data or Done.

7. Once you have your Salesforce data in this second sheet, you can use the data to run formulas or simply pull the value from a particular cell into your other sheet's goal Value cell. Here's a Google Sheets support article on how to do that.

That’s it! Perdoo will now update your goal once a day (between 2-3 am CET), with the number in the corresponding Value column.

Need a hand? Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email support@perdoo.com.

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