Customer Support

First Response Time

First Contact Resolution

Average Resolution Time

Abandoned Call Rate

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Success

Customer health score

Expansion Revenue

Customer Retention Rate

Customer Referral Rate

Number of Customers Successfully Onboarded


Customer Support

O: Grow the team to improve support specialist work-life balance

KR: Hire X support specialists

KR: Reduce tickets per specialist from X to Y per month

O: Empower our support team to be more self-sufficient

KR: Reduce ticket response time by X%

KR: Reduce ticket escalation by X%

O: Empower customers to help themselves by building the best help resources

KR: Reduce # support tickets by X%

KR: Increase support center traffic to X unique visitors

Customer Success

O: Transform our customer base from surviving to thriving

KR: Increase health score from X to Y

O: Reimagine the onboarding experience to drive early product engagement

KR: Increase web sessions from X to Y in month 1

KR: Increase onboarding completion rate to X%

O: Our clients love us so much they bring their friends

KR: Increase in referrals by X%

O: Gain better understanding of our customers' needs and challenges

KR: Identify top X client problems

O: Our customers leave raving reviews about our service in Trustpilot
KR: Receive X 4 or 5 star reviews about our service

O: Transition from a reactive to proactive customer strategy

KR: Reduce customer at churn risk by X%

KR: Reduce complaints by X%

O: Make our users confident in investing

KR: Increase in average transaction value per user to X

KR: Increase in average number of transactions per user to X

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