Customer Service OKR + KPI examples

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Customer Support

Use a sample metric to create a KPI such as Customer Satisfaction Score ≥ 9:

First Response Time

First Contact Resolution

Average Resolution Time

Abandoned Call Rate

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Success

Use a sample metric to create a KPI such as Customer health score ≥ 40:

Customer health score

Expansion Revenue

Customer Retention Rate

Customer Referral Rate

Number of Customers Successfully Onboarded


Customer Support

O: Grow the team to improve support specialist work-life balance

KR: Hire X support specialists

KR: Reduce tickets per specialist from X to Y per month

O: Empower our support team to be more self-sufficient

KR: Reduce ticket response time by X%

KR: Reduce ticket escalation by X%

O: Empower customers to help themselves by building the best help resources

KR: Reduce # support tickets by X%

KR: Increase support center traffic to X unique visitors

Customer Success

O: Transform our customer base from surviving to thriving

KR: Increase health score from X to Y

O: Reimagine the onboarding experience to drive early product engagement

KR: Increase web sessions from X to Y in month 1

KR: Increase onboarding completion rate to X%

O: Our clients love us so much they bring their friends

KR: Increase in referrals by X%

O: Gain better understanding of our customers' needs and challenges

KR: Identify top X client problems

O: Our customers leave raving reviews about our service in Trustpilot
KR: Receive X 4 or 5 star reviews about our service

O: Transition from a reactive to proactive customer strategy

KR: Reduce customer at churn risk by X%

KR: Reduce complaints by X%

O: Make our users confident in investing

KR: Increase in average transaction value per user to X

KR: Increase in average number of transactions per user to X

Or Browse sample goals via the folder icon when creating Objectives, Key Results, or KPIs:

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