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Use a sample metric to create a KPI such as Average Deal Value ≥ 5.5k:

Sales Revenue

Sales Qualified Leads to Customer Conversion Rate

Average Deal Value

Average Time to Close

Revenue per Sales Representative

Opportunity Funnel Value


O: Our trial experience is so good that people want to marry us

KR: Increase Trial-to-Customer conversion rate from X% - Y%

KR: Increase trial satisfaction score from X to Y

O: Turn the partner network into a revenue stream

KR: Generate $Xk in partner revenue

KR: X new customers from partner referrals

O: Our sales team has the best closers

KR: Increase Sales Qualified Lead to Customer conversion rate to X%

O: Fill the top of the funnel through outbound efforts

KR: Generate X new prospects

O: No one can refuse our product offer

KR: Increase average deal size to $X

KR: Have a X% close rate

O: Optimize the sales funnel to close more deals in less time
KR: Reduce time to close from X to Y days

KR: Close X deals per month

O: Boost our sales by targeting the right customers

KR: X% increase in ICP deals

O: Keep the sales team focused on closing, not admin work

KR: Increase in # deals closed per week to X

KR: Reduction in time spent on paperwork by X%

O: Improve the client demo experience

KR: Increase demo satisfaction score from X to Y

O: Grow our sales team to support Sales Qualified Leads

KR: Hire a new Sales Development Representative

KR: Increase Sales Qualified Leads by X%

O: Increase trust during contract negotiation

KR: Reduce contract negotiation time from X to Y days

Or Browse sample goals via the folder icon when creating Objectives, Key Results, or KPIs:

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