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Use a sample metric to create a KPI such as Employee NPS (eNPS) ≥ 50:

Growth rate

Employee NPS

Customer NPS


Cash flow


O: Crush the competition through acquisitions

KR: X Acquisitions

O: Our business is as seamless as a McDonald's franchise

KR: Increase labor productivity from X to Y

KR: Increase gross margin from X to Y

O: Solidify our finances to set the stage for taking our product to the next level

KR: Increase gross profit from X to Y

KR: Generate revenue of €XMM

O: Be a top place to work in the U.S.

KR: Move X places to reach top 10 in Fortune 100 best places to work


O: Prove that our great idea will make a great company

KR: Close $Xmm in Series A funding

O: Build a marketplace that puts Amazon out of business

KR: X number of transactions per day

KR: Global revenue of X

O: Become the online-banking leader in the U.K.

KR: Revenue in U.K. of X

O: Gain a strong foothold in affordable beauty in Brazil

KR: Market share of X%

O: Become the most trusted brand in German fitness

KR: Customer retention rate of X%

KR: Customer NPS of X

O: Create a more goal-oriented culture

KR: X% of KRs are up to date every 2 weeks

KR: Achieve X% of Objectives

O: We're thought leaders in eco-friendly home cleaning

KR: X industry publication recognitions

KR: Speaker at the top X industry events

Or Browse sample goals via the folder icon when creating Objectives, Key Results, or KPIs:

Browse sample goals folder icon
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