The Ambassador report was especially built to help OKR program administrators to efficiently follow up on OKR progress. Having accurate data in the system is essential to ensuring execution is progressing. 

Especially at the beginning, when you're still trying to create a habit, keeping OKRs updated can be challenging. It's incredibly important to re-enforce updates, so we've made it easier to identify which Key Results and Initiatives haven't been updated in the past 2 weeks. 

View list of Key Results & Initiatives out of date

Click on view details to get a full list of Key Results or Initiatives that are out of date. You can update progress directly from the list.

Take action

The most important aspect of identifying those elements out of date, is taking action. You can either update Key Results and Initiatives directly from the lists or @mention to give a slight nudge those responsible for it.

Update directly from the list

Nudge the leads/owners

Click on the Key Results or Initiative to open the side panel. Add a comment to the timeline and @mention the lead/owner asking them to update and document progress.

Identify Groups with no OKRs

Everything can always be improved, but there will be times when a Group doesn't necessarily need to create OKRs. A common use case is for team who have a more supportive role in the company, for example, Design and BI teams.

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