Building your path to success is no easy task but to keep things in perspective start with your mission and vision. Your mission & vision represent the soul purpose you exist and making it the starting point of your journey ensures that you stay loyal to the core of your business.

Research from the book "Good to Great" by James C. Collins found that companies that stayed true to THE thing they're really good at (amongst other things), increased their chances of becoming great but also of sustaining positive results.

Adding your mission and vision keeps you in check about taking decisions that are aligned to this purpose. Taking steps that divert you from your path will create chaos and confusion within the organization, making it harder to achieve consistent and significant results.

To add your Mission & Vision in Perdoo:

  1. Click on Roadmap
  2. Click pencil icon under Ultimate goal
  3. Type your mission and visionĀ 
  4. Click green check markĀ 

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