How to upload historical data for a goal's progress
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New to Perdoo and want to create a source of truth with your historical KPI and OKR data? When you create a new goal such as a KPI, you can import its progress history into Perdoo. Here's how.

  • Create the goal in Perdoo (we'll need to retrieve and sync with its Goal ID later).

  • Open the Perdoo OKR & KPI Sync Add-on and click 'Import goals'.

  • Select the goal for which you like to upload the progress history and click 'Import goals'.

  • The selected goal will be imported to the Perdoo Goals tab. If this tab didn't exist, a new one will be created.

  • Set the Sync direction to 'GSheet to Perdoo'.

  • Copy the goal's info to as many rows as you need to import progress history for. Each row will represent a progress update for a specific date.

  • On each row, add the progress to the Goals Progress column and the corresponding date to the Date column.

  • Select Manual Sync in the Add-on and then click GSheet to Perdoo.

  • Choose Select all at the bottom and then click Update goal(s) in Perdoo.

That's it!

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