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Google Calendar Integration for 1:1 meetings
Google Calendar Integration for 1:1 meetings
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Set up the Google Calendar integration to conveniently manage the scheduling of your 1:1s.

Set up the Google Integration

  • Create a new meeting and click the ‘Google Calendar’ button or

  • Open an existing meeting, go to the edit settings and click the ‘Google Calendar’ button

You will then be brought to your Personal settings>Integrations tab to set up the integration with your Google calendar. After clicking on the 'Continue with Google' button follow the flow to launch the integration.

Link a 1:1 to a Google Calendar event

Once the integration for the user has been set up, you will see a 'Calendar integration' dropdown in the 1:1 Plan or Edit meeting modals.

  • When you select 'Link to existing Google event': the dropdown will fetch a list of all your recurring Google Calendar events that is with the meeting participant for you to select.

  • When you select 'Create new Google event': you will be prompted to fill in the meeting details and upon clicking 'Save' the meeting will be create an event in your Google Calendar.

  • Note: You do not need to be the owner of the Google calendar event in order to sync it to a 1:1.

Manage a 1:1 linked to Google Calendar

Once a 1:1 is linked to a Google Calendar event, any time changes (e.g. rescheduling, cancelling or changing the overall time/frequency of the 1:1) should be made within Google Calendar event itself. Any time changes made to the event, will then update and show in Perdoo.

You can easily access the Google Calendar event to make these changes by clicking on the 'View linked event event' link.

If you're conducting a 1:1 and need to access the video call meeting link, you can easily do so by clicking on 'Join video call' button within the 1:1 meeting details to be redirected to the Google meet video call.

Unlink a Google Calendar event from a 1:1

Click on 'edit' within the 1:1 kebab menus to access the 1:1 meeting settings. Once the 'Edit the 1:1 meeting' modal is opened, click on 'Unlink event' and press save in order for the Google calendar event to be unlinked.


  • What happens if I remove an entire meeting series in Google Calendar? The corresponding meeting in Perdoo will still exist, but the future time slots will not be populated.

  • What happens if I delete a single meeting in my Google Calendar?
    The meeting time will update to the next date in the meeting cadence.

  • What happens if I deactivate or delete a 1:1 in Perdoo?
    The Google Calendar event will still remain in your calendar, and if you would like to remove it completely then you will need to go to Google Calendar and delete the event there.

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