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Configuring SCIM with OneLogin
Configuring SCIM with OneLogin

Use SCIM to automatically sync new employees to Perdoo and deactivate them if they leave.

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ℹ️ Available on Premium and Supreme.

ℹ️ The user setting up the integration must be a Superadmin.

  1. Log in to OneLogin and add a new application.

  2. Find the app called SCIM Provisioner w/SAML (SCIM v2 w/OAuth). It's important it's exactly that name and not one of the alternatives.

  3. In the next step, set the Display name to "Perdoo" and add our logo if you like. Hit Save.

  4. Go to "Configuration" and enter the following values:

  5. Hit Save.

6. Go back to "Configuration" and click Authenticate under API Connection.

7. Click the link in the popup.

8. You'll be taken to Perdoo to login. Enter your credentials and sign in.

9. Authorize the OneLogin app.

10. Next go to "Provisioning" and check "Enable provisioning". Configure the other settings based on how you want OneLogin to sync with Perdoo.

11. Hit Save and you're good to go!

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