To switch user licenses, simply archive previous users, and then invite new users.

To free up a license when someone leaves the company, archive the user:

  1. Click on Configure

  2. Select Users

  3. Search for the user you wish to remove

  4. Click on the menu on the right

  5. Select Archive User

  6. Click Confirm

Archive users in Configure

To free up a license temporarily (as in the case of maternity leave, for example), you can archive the user, then restore them later when needed:

  1. Click on Configure

  2. Go to the Users tab

  3. Select for the user(s) you wish to restore

  4. Click on the menu on the right

  5. Select Restore User

Then, add the new joiner by inviting them to the platform:

  1. Click on Configure

  2. Navigate to the Users tab

  3. Click on Add user

  4. Add email (mandatory) and personal details (optional)

  5. Did you already create the Group? Select the Group this user belongs to. Alternatively, type the name of the Group here to create it.

  6. Select a role
    Group leads should have Admin or Superadmin rights. Group members should have standard rights.

  7. If you don't want the user to access Perdoo immediately, set Send invite to 'No'.
    You can send the invite at a later point.*

  8. Accept the Terms of Service

  9. Hit Submit

  10. To set the user as the Group lead, go to the Groups tab in Configure, and edit the Group they should lead.

Add user from Configure

* NOTE: You can also invite users when creating Groups or goals. Simply enter their email into the relevant field eg. goal "lead" or Group "member."

It's important to note that active, reserved, and invited users all count towards user licenses.

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