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What is the best practice for determining whether an OKR/KPI belongs to the Company or a Team?
What is the best practice for determining whether an OKR/KPI belongs to the Company or a Team?
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OKR is a communication tool. Whether the Company or Team owns an OKR or KPI matters since it signals to the rest of the organization what's most important for the entire organization and the resources required for success.

In general, Company OKRs and KPIs are goals that require multiple teams and/or are relevant to the entire organization. If only one team can impact a goal, it's likely a team OKR or KPI.

Where there is an exception to this rule is with internal, employee cultural matters (your most valuable resource). Even though HR is likely the main team driving the goal to success, by having it owned by the Company, it shows that it's a priority for the entire Company and leadership.

  • As an example, eNPS, the KPI could be owned by the Company but the goal could be led by the Lead of the Team, ie. the Head of HR.

Or let's take the example of NPS more generally, as it could be owned by the Company as well. It's nice to track NPS at the company level for visibility, but in reality everyone has a part in NPS. That said, some teams have more sway than others. Some factors to consider:

  • If visibility is the main concern here, my suggestion would be to have one team own the NPS KPI (ie. Customer Success), but then align it to a Strategic Pillar (as you already did) in order to have that visibility for the whole team via the Map.

  • In terms of which team should own NPS, it depends on many factors, for example whether you're a product-led or sales-led company. Who owns the KPI is up to you, as long as it resonates with the team.

In general, Company OKRs and KPIs should be lead by executive leadership, but it doesn't necessarily need to be only the CEO. Take the example of Profit: ask yourself if it's something that the entire Company needs to be focusing on, or is it really only relevant for Finance?

By nature, Company KPIs are high level, so they're usually relevant to everyone and most teams can make an impact. For company KPIs (as with high-level, annual company OKRs), we do recommend that the ownership lies with the CEO (and leadership) in general, especially if it's something like MRR.

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