Sometimes you need to create a Key Result where there is an "upper limit" that you don't want to pass.

For example, say you want to minimize the lost stock items of your merchandise, and you've determined you don't want this number to go higher than 10 on average per month. In this case, any value between 0-10 is on track, while at 11+ it becomes off track.

To set this up, put the starting value above 10. That way anything above, say 12, looks bad.

💡 Pro tip: If you want to keep a value below a certain limit over time, it's better set up as a KPI, since this is something that you will always be working on.

More information on the difference between OKRs and KPIs can be found here.

Once you create the KPI, click on the KPI name (from the user, Group, or Company page), to open up the modal and set a monthly target:

Set monthly KPI target from KPI modal

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