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How can I find out who deleted or archived a goal or user?
How can I find out who deleted or archived a goal or user?
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If you'd like to limit the amount of users who can perform certain actions, it might be a good idea to reconsider the permissions of the Team. Permissions are based on three roles: Standard, Admin, or Superadmin.

For example, Standard users can only edit/delete OKRs in their Team (or that they are the lead of), Admin users can edit/delete any Team OKR (or that they are the lead of), and Superadmin users can edit/delete any OKR in the platform (Team or Company).

Here are some tips to help you keep track of information:

  • Export a list of all OKRs once they've been finalized. That way you have list of the OKRs and can hold everyone accountable at the end of the quarter. Also, you can identify if any are missing.

  • To view or restore archived users, Superadmins can go to Configure > Users > view the user's Status (Active, Invited, Reserved, Archived) > select the user > and Restore user.

User status in Configure

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