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Why is my Result marked Outdated if the due date is in the future?
Why is my Result marked Outdated if the due date is in the future?
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Is there an Outdated tag under your Result (Key Result or Initiative)? The outdated logic is tied to when the result was last updated.

The Outdated tag is added when a goal hasn't been updated according to the update frequency selected by your Company (typically weekly or biweekly). For example, if your company has a bi-weekly update frequency and the result was not updated within the last 2 weeks, then it will show as outdated.

You can find this information in Configure > General > Progress reports.

When you update your goals, the Update due button will be changed to just Update.

OKR best practices suggest that you should update your goals at least once every two weeks to stay engaged with them. An update should take place even if no progress was achieved so that it is clear exactly how things are progressing.

💡 Pro tip: Key Results are considered achieved when you progress 70% (for stretch goals) or 100% (if stretch goals have been disabled).

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