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Power BI integration
Power BI integration

Integrate Perdoo with your existing data reporting tool.

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Integrate Perdoo with Power BI for the ability to push data from Perdoo into Power BI, ideal for reporting on OKRs (or anything that exists in Perdoo's API).

Power BI is a popular business analytics tool from Microsoft, used by companies to keep the pulse of their business with actionable reports and visualizations.

With the Power BI integration, you can effortlessly enrich your data with insights drawn from your strategy execution program.

Set up the Power BI integration

Our simple script allows you to pull data on your most important goals from Perdoo to enrich your PowerBI reports.*

The Open API is really powerful, but does require some technical knowledge to build the connections you desire. You'll be able to customize the script to define what you want to pull in, and add your own credentials.

* Please note that this doesn't include the ability to push data from Power BI into Perdoo.

If you require a JWT token and have strict SSO enabled, please contact us below for further instructions.


Do you have an extended example of the Power BI script with additional data to allow more detailed insights?

  • It's easy to add extra properties in the script, you just need to add them in the queryText variable. What this uses under the hood is our GraphQL API which you can explore in more detail (incl. all field names) here.

Is there any unique identifier of an Objective available to build a better data model?

  • Yes, there's a field called id for this. You can query it for both the Objective itself, as well as its parent.

Is it possible to get an URL of an Objective or Key Result to use it as "Show details in Perdoo" button?

What role do I need to have in order to use the integration?

  • You're limited to the goals you can access to goals that are visible to you in Perdoo. If you can see them in Perdoo, you can access them through the integration.

Want to know all the apps we can integrate with?

Here's a full list of apps that Perdoo integrates with. Contact our Support team (, or via the in-app chat) to see how we can help you automate updates to KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives.

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