Archive KPIs

Retain the data and updates of a previous KPI.

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It can sometimes be the case that you're no longer tracking a KPI but want to save the historic data that you've built up instead of simply deleting it.

How to archive a KPI

To archive a KPI:

  • Click on the 3 dot menu > Archive KPI > Confirm


  • It's not possible to update progress for an archived KPI, you'll need to unarchive it to update it.

  • Archived KPIs are removed from any KPI boards.

  • It's not possible to align an OKR to an archived KPI.

How to see archived KPIs

You can see archived KPIs by clicking Show Archived from the company or team page.

Archived KPIs will have a special file icon and message on the modal with the date the KPI was archived.

How to unarchive a KPI

To unarchive a KPI:

  • Click on the 3 dot menu > Unarchive KPI or the blue Unarchive button on the modal

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