Plans, Progress, Problems (PPP) in Perdoo

Combine Check-ins with your PPP process.

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PPP stands for Plans, Progress, Problems. It’s a weekly or bi-weekly “survey” where a direct report answers the following 3 questions for their manager and/or team:

  • What did you achieve last week?

  • What are you planning to accomplish this week?

  • Any blockers/problems you’re facing?

Perdoo’s Reflections feature shows you what was achieved last week. Because you can set start dates in Perdoo, you can also see what an individual is planning to accomplish next.

Add a comment to provide additional context. These comments can then also be used to answer the 3 PPP questions.

The benefit of using Perdoo’s Reflections functionality is that the updates are stored on the user’s page in Perdoo (via the Progress reports tab) with all your goal updates. If you keep PPPs separate to your goals—as is sometimes the case in other solutions—there's a risk that you lose a lot of context because all the context on a goal is only stored in individual employee's PPPs.

Of course, Perdoo isn’t designed to manage projects and tasks that aren’t related to any goals. However, during your PPP you also don’t need to look at all those tasks that someone is responsible for — it’s simply too much noise. PPP was designed to cut out all that noise and focus on 3 simple questions.

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