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Use a sample metric to create a KPI such as Average Tenure ≥ 2:

Average Time to Hire

Average Tenure

Overtime Hours

Cost Per Hire

Employee Turnover Rate

Pulse Survey Score

Employee Referral Rate

Employee Engagement Score


O: Drive feedback by establishing a peer review process

KR: Increase feedback for each person by X%

O: All students feel safe on campus

KR: Reduction in feedback where students feel unsafe by X%

O: Foster a learning culture to support our employees' professional development

KR: Increase in skill certifications to X

KR: Increase in performance review learning score to X

O: Get the right people on the bus

KR: X% new hires pass 3 month assessment

O: Attract the smartest and most well-respected professors

KR: Increase in applications of qualified candidates by X%

KR: Increase in offer acceptance by X%

O: Introduce the right candidates to teams sooner

KR: Reduce time from application to HR screen to X days

KR: Reduce time from HR screen to 1st interview to X days

O: Build strong employer brand

KR: X 4-5 star Glassdoor reviews

O: Improve internal communication to get everyone on the same page

KR: Improve score on "I understand my responsibilities" to X

KR: Improve score on "I understand company priorities and how I contribute" to X

O: Employees feel comfortable and supported by their direct Managers
KR: Improve employee sentiment survey score about their line managers support to X

O: Make work-life balance a priority for all employees
KR: Improve work-life balance survey score to X
KR: Reduce overtime by X hours

KR: Increase weekly pulse survey score to X

O: Develop a compensation system where our employees feel valued for their work

KR: Employee retention rate of X%

KR: Increase bonuses by X%

Or Browse sample goals via the folder icon when creating Objectives, Key Results, or KPIs:

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