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Use a sample metric to create a KPI such as Unique Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate ≥ 5%:

Customer Acquisition Cost

Cost per Lead

Unique Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate

Customer Lifetime Value

Traffic growth


O: Launch a higher converting website that appeals to working moms

KR: Increase UV-to-Lead CR from X% to Y%

KR: X% leads meet our ICP


O: Strengthen our SEO ranking for affordable beauty

KR: Improve domain ranking from X to Y

O: Optimize SEO through technical upgrades

KR: Improve our YSlow Score from X% to Y%

KR: Improve our PageSpeed Score from X% to Y%

O: Elevate our position in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

KR: Move our average ranking for [subject]-related keywords from the Xth to Xnd result

Content Marketing

O: Optimize content production to increase MQLs

KR: Increase Lead to MQL conversion to X%

KR: Increase average time spent on content from X to Y minutes

O: Be a rental law subject matter expert

KR: X expert interview requests from industry leading publications

O: Launch an engaging weekly newsletter

KR: X% open rate

KR: X% click through rate

O: Develop processes to establish video creation foundation

KR: X% team knows how to create video content without asking questions


O: Spread the word about our new community event

KR: X reshares

KR: X publication features

KR: X invitation requests from publication features

Social Media

O: Diversify by turning FB into an acquisition channel

KR: Generate X leads

O: Expand our Instagram footprint with influencer partnerships

KR: Achieve XMM followers

KR: Generate X leads from influencer posts

O: Turn YouTube into our best lead generation channel

KR: Increase CR from X% to Y%

KR: Triple traffic to the website

Or Browse sample goals via the folder icon when creating Objectives, Key Results, or KPIs:

Browse sample goals folder icon
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