Cloning OKRs

Copy an OKR and its Initiatives to another timeframe.

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ℹ️ Available on Premium and Supreme.

We understand that sometimes you'd like to clone an OKR. This can happen when:

  1. The OKR is not completed.

    At the end of the cycle, it's important to close the OKR in order to reflect on what you've learned and how to apply that to future decisions. If after this process you've found that the OKR is still a priority, you can clone/duplicate it to the next timeframe and make any adjustments based on your learnings. 

    If the OKR will continue exactly as it is, then you just need to adjust the starting values of any Key Results and the Initiatives where appropriate to reflect the current status. 

  2. OKRs are similar.
    For certain teams whose work follows a similar process, it's helpful to be able to carry over the Objective with its Initiatives. That way, you don't need to repeatedly and individually add each milestone.

To clone an OKR:

  1. Click on the 3-dot menu on the right of the Objective

  2. Select Clone Objective

  3. Select the Timeframe that you want to clone to

  4. Select if you'd like to Include Key Results

  5. Select if you'd like to Include Initiatives 

  6. Click Clone

* NOTE: You must have a future timeframe set up in order to clone an OKR.

Clone Objective to certain timeframe with option to include Key Results and Initiatives

* NOTE: Progress of the associated Key Results and Initiatives will not be copied. 

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