Archiving groups can come in handy when your organization has gone through restructuring, but primarily when working with temporary teams.

When working with cross-functional OKRs, teams are formed to support progress of a specific Objective. You know first hand that the team will cease to exist once the OKR has been achieved. To support managing this scenario, you can archive groups to keep things nice and tidy in the system.

The OKR data is important, that's why when archiving a group:

  • You'll be able to access it through the global search.
  • You'll be able to get data for that group in Reports and Explore.

To archive a Group:

  1. Click on Configure
  2. Select Groups
  3. Click on the menu icon
  4. Select Archive Group
  5. Click Confirm

*Note, you can restore an archived Group by following the same steps.


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