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Remain focused on achieving your goals. With Reflections, you can share your wins, challenges, and progress with your manager and co-workers.

Spend just three minutes each week to add Reflections and keep everyone informed.

To submit Reflections

  1. From your Home page, click on the Submit Reflections button.

  2. Add Reflections (and Pulse response) by answering questions about what you've worked on and will work on. You'll find your goals and previous Progress reports in the right side panel to provide helpful context.

To restore your Reflections streak

We understand that you may miss your Reflections if you're out of the office on holiday, sick-leave, etc. We also don't want this to be a reason that you lose your streak!

To restore your streak, go to the Progress reports tab on your Profile page where you can confirm that you were Out of office and it will then count the week(s) in your Reflections streak.

*You can mark up to 4 Reflections as Out of office to maintain your streak.

Need a hand?

Contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email

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