Remain focused on achieving your goals. With Check-ins, you can update all your goals at once, to save time, be a better team-mate, and boost goal attainment.

Spend just three minutes each week to check in, keep everyone informed, and frequently monitor your goals to reflect and reprioritize where needed.

To check in and update all your goals at once:

  1. From your Home page or personal profile, click on Check in
  2. Update Key Results, Initiatives, and KPIs you're responsible for
  3. Add comments
  4. If you've not yet started work on a Result, click to postpone your
  5. Click on Check in to submit your changes in batch

* If you're a Contributor to an OKR but don't lead a goal (Key Result, Initiative, or KPI), then it will not appear in your Check-in. This is because you don't have a goal that you're individually responsible for updating.

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