How to run OKR progress reviews
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We've put together some tips that could help you through the OKR review process via video or text below.

Consistently hitting your goals is a process that requires discipline, it's easy to get carried away with day-to-day activities and disregard OKR priorities. Following up on progress with weekly Check-ins is an important step, but how do you run a successful OKR progress review?

Weekly OKR progress reviews should be a simple process that allows everyone to get up to speed as to what has been achieved and what needs to be done next. Keep the momentum going!

Keep them short

As OKR progress review expert Bart den Haak says, 15 minutes should be enough to know where you stand and what decisions need to be made to move forward. 

Have a clear agenda so everyone knows what to expect and what to prepare. We suggest the following points to discuss:

  • Highlights. Discuss accomplishments from the past week and any other relevant wins. Take this opportunity to recognize a job well done.

  • Blockers. It's important to identify any risks that are slowing down your progress and most importantly, what you're planning to do to solve them.

  • Next steps. Create commitment by identifying the following action items required to move forward. It's extremely important to assign an Owner to promote accountability.

Be efficient

Have everything updated in Perdoo before the meeting. You can batch update everything you're responsible for using the Check-in feature. There are two aspects that need to be updated before a Check-in session: the value and status for both Key Results and Initiatives.

Value represents how much you've progressed towards your target when talking about Key Results, or how much progress you've made on a specific project or deliverable when referring to Initiatives (0-100%). 

Status is a traffic light indicator that represents how confident you are that you'll achieve a Key Result or complete an Initiative. 

All progress updates need to be properly documented to provide the necessary context prior to the meeting. Make sure you read through all updates to be prepared with questions to zoom into those topics that need the most attention.

Use Perdoo

Status updates will make it easier to identify the areas where discussions will mainly be focused on. Open the Objective page to see the big picture and zoom in on the areas you'd like to dive deeper.

Assign ownership

One of the key takeaways of each OKR progress review, are the priorities for the coming week. Identifying the focus will keep things moving forward at a constant pace. It'll help you catch potential risks and take timely decisions to keep the process agile. 

Once you've identified these priorities, assign ownership before ending the meeting. Distribute responsibilities and most importantly, help everyone stay focused, accountable, and motivated.

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