We're all busy and we need simple yet effective ways to stay aligned. Open communication is essential and lucky for us, slack is a great communication tool that can integrate with Perdoo.

Reduce meetings and misalignment by simply pushing all new updates, comments and OKRs made in Perdoo to your team's public channel.

If you see a change that needs further clarification, you can simply use Slack's replies to get more information or start a discussion without having to go into the ritual of setting up a meeting.

It's also really useful for staying on top of dependencies with other teams and congratulating a job well done.

* NOTE: First, the Slack integration needs to be enabled for your Company. Ask your Ambassador or a Superadmin to do this in Configure > Integrations, if they haven't already.

To enable Slack updates:

  1. Go to your Group

  2. Click on the edit icon

  3. Select your Slack channel

  4. Click Save

Push updates to Slack channel
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