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How to announce OKRs & Perdoo to your company
How to announce OKRs & Perdoo to your company

Recommendations and best practices for announcing OKRs and Perdoo to your organization.

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Once you've decided to work with OKRs and Perdoo, communication will be your best friend.

Although it might seem unnecessary at first glance, the decision you've made will change the way people work, and as you probably know, change is hard. Change means modifying your habits and people naturally resist this, so good communication is necessary to motivate them to step outside of their comfort zone.

The road to success needs gradual but consistent transformation that requires continuous iteration. Managers, team leads, and team members will execute the OKR process on a daily basis, which means:

  • They hold the key to moulding the process that will transform the organization.

  • They will work consistently on the OKRs that will help achieve Company goals. 

In essence, you need them, so you need their buy-in to make this change a reality.

When designing your announcement, we suggest you consider the following:

  1. Share the benefits

    First of all, you need to state the problem. WHY did the organization decide something needed to change? What is the current reality?

    Second, be clear on WHAT needs to change. Where should the company be? What new reality (the desired results) do you want to create?

    Third, explain HOW OKRs will help with this transformation. Describe the benefits OKR will bring both to the company AND the individuals, for example, alignment and transparency.

  2. Introduce Perdoo

    This is pretty self explanatory. People need to know about the tool that will support this change. Make a brief introduction (you can use our example below), share a video, set up some screens around the office, it's up to you. Get creative and make it fun!

    "Perdoo’s software allows us to easily manage and track our OKRs and KPIs. Perdoo’s mission is to help organizations turn their strategies into results. Over the past 6 years they’ve helped hundreds of organizations like ours."

  3. Introduce the Ambassador

    Knowing there's a helping hand helps reduce stress levels caused by change, but most importantly, introducing the Ambassador will empower him/her on their newly appointed project.

  4. Provide clear timelines

    Share a clear implementation path. This is your chance to set people's expectations straight and to clearly communicate next steps and deadlines (ie. training, finalized OKRs in the system, etc).

  5. Keep communicating

    People often think that after the initial push, everything will fall into place on its own, but keep in mind that change is gradual and continuous communication is essential. 

    Every quarter, share your learnings and the decisions taken as a consequence of those learnings. Remind people WHY you embarked on the OKR journey and share the progress you've made. 

    Recognize employees, make them heroes, after all, this change wouldn't be possible without them.

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