Delete a progress update

Fix a mistake in an update or add an update with a date in the past.

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There's two common use cases for deleting a progress update:

  1. Incorrect progress update (value and or comment).

  2. You need to add a progress update dated before your last update.
    Let's say that on May 15 you updated progress on a Key Result but then realized that you forgot to update your Key Result on May 7th. To add a progress update dated on May 7th value you would first need to delete the May 15th update.

* NOTE: Only the user who created the progress update (or a Superadmin) can delete it .

To delete a progress update:

  1. Click on the Key Result or Initiative to see the Activity details the right panel.

  2. Find the progress update you'd like to delete.

  3. Click on Delete.

Delete progress update in Activity panel

You can use the Progress updates & notes tab to filter for updates only to easily find your updates:

  • Progress updates & notes

  • Progress updates only

  • Notes only

  • Everything

Filter for progress updates only in Activity panel

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