You can easily export your data as a CSV file or PDF. You can export users, groups and goals (KPIs, OKRs, and Initiatives).

The ability to export data is only available to Admins and Superadmins on paid plans.

This is what the export icon looks like:

To export users or groups:

  1. Go to Configure

  2. Click on Users or Groups

  3. Click Export as CSV

To export goals:

  1. From the left Navigation Menu, click on Explore

  2. Apply filters to select the data you'd like to export (or remove all filter if you with you export all OKRs in the system).

  3. Click on download icon on the top right to generate your .csv file

  4. Repeat the process for Objectives, Key Results, Initiatives, and KPIs.

Bonus: Export a group or the company's OKRs as PDF or Print page

If you want to share your Group's goals with someone who isn't in Perdoo or want an export that includes OKRs and KPIs to get full transparency on the Company's or Group's priorities:

  • Go to the Group or Company page

  • In the OKRs section, click Export > Export OKRs as PDF or Print full page

Export OKRs as PDF or page

Before exporting the data, use the Show KRs and Inits button to make sure Results are included in the PDF:

Show KRs & Initiatives button before exporting data

Or, if you only want to see either Key Results or Initiatives, use the results filter:

All Result types or Key Results only or Initiatives only dropdown menu

* NOTE: This feature is not available on Pro or Freemium plans.

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