The last step of each OKR cycle is closing them. Even if an OKR was super successful from start to finish, closing your OKRs will help you and your team identify and communicate learnings.

Plan ahead

Don’t wait until the end of the quarter to schedule a meeting, add it to everyone’s calendar at the beginning of the quarter to set clear expectations. Make sure people understand the purpose of this session. 

Come prepared

Whether you own Initiatives or Lead an OKR, identify your learnings before the meeting. Make sure you come prepared with answers to the following questions:

  • How would you rate the execution of this OKR? 
  • What did you learn?
  • What did you decide based on those learnings?

 Identifying your learnings is incredibly important because they’ll help you take valuable decisions to continue to move forward, so...don’t miss the lesson!

Leverage your update history

Have you noticed we’re quite persistent on the importance of constantly recording your progress updates? The reason behind this is not only because it helps you determine if you’re on the right track throughout the quarter, but because this information will be key to understanding what decisions you need to make on the following one. The information is right there, so use it to understand what worked and what didn’t.

Develop actionable takeaways

A productive review has actionable takeaways. What decisions will  you take based on everything you’ve learned? Is there anything that still requires attention and needs to be carried over to the next quarter? 

 A common practice here at Perdoo is to evaluate if the open items are still relevant and represent a priority, if they’re not, we scratch them out and move to what we believe will truly make a difference.

Share your success

Recognize your team’s effort! It requires a lot of focus and dedication to execute an OKR. Everyone’s hard work deserves to be celebrated.

To close the OKR:

  1. Go to the OKR you wish to close and hover over
  2. Click on the menu (threes dots on the right) and select Close Objective
  3. Answer the template questions on the note section (you can use the star emoji to rate your execution)
  4. Click Submit

You can also close OKRs from the side panel.

If you've closed your OKR and need to make any changes, you can alway reopen it by selecting Reopen OKR from the OKR menu.

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