When working with an OKR you'll have an Owner, a Lead and Contributors.

The OKR Owner is the group or team who holds the main responsibility of accomplishing the OKR at the end of the quarter. The team defines the scope in which the OKR efforts will fall into (Sales, Marketing, HR, etc).

You can easily identify the owner of an objective by the Avatar located next to the Objective title

Or in the Objective details page:

The OKR lead is the single individual who is responsible for driving and organizing all the efforts needed to achieve the desired results. The OKR lead is typically a Group's team lead and is usually responsible for:

  • Writing OKRs and adding them into Perdoo.
  • Assigning Key Result Lead (when applicable).
  • Ensuring the the right Initiatives are being added.
  • Conducting weekly or bi weekly meetings to review progress and areas of opportunity.

You can identify who the Lead by looking at the avatar in the Objective card:

You can also identify the Lead in the Objective details page:

Contributors are the group members that are helping to push results forward through the specific Initiatives they own. Their responsibilities are:

  • Writing and adding Initiatives to Perdoo.
  • Updating their Initiatives every week.

You can easily identify the OKR Contributors in the details page:

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