Tags are visual differentiators containing important information about an OKR that might not be stated directly on the title.

These tags will allow your teammates to quickly search and identify specific OKRs based on specific characteristics such as:

  • Confidence Levels
  • Level
  • Type of Objective
  • Status

Using Tags

Communicating Stretch Goals

When using Stretch Objectives it is always a good practice to communicate it throughly across the organization, in this way all dependencies are appraised and the results tied to the objective can be properly forecasted.

Using Tags to communicate the nature of the Objective is a really good way to ensure everyone involved is aware

Reporting Status

Tagging your OKRs as they progress is a great way for everyone in the company from top to bottom to keep informed on the their current status.

If any measures need to be taken, stakeholders can quickly identify the OKRs based on their tag and properly address them.

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