The Slack integration with Perdoo is a great way to keep your team updated on changes being made to OKRs.

With the integration enabled, we’ll send automatic messages to a channel of your choice on Slack whenever:

  • An Objective, Key Result, Initiative and/or KPI is created
  • A Objective, Key Result, Initiative and/or KPI is updated
  • Someone adds a comment

In order to setup the integration, please make sure you have Superadmin rights, then follow the next steps:

1- Go to the Configure tab on the left side panel.

2- From there, click on Integrations.

3- Click on Add Slack Integration (You'll be redirected to slack to authorize Perdoo)

4- Select Authorize

5. Once the integration is setup, you can also choose to send all company wide updates to one of your channels

Now that the integration is setup, teams have the option of pushing their Group activity to a channel of their choosing.

  1. Go to the Group Profile
  2. Edit the Group (pencil icon on the top)
  3. Under Slack channel, choose your preferred channel
  4. Click Submit

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