The Slack integration with Perdoo is a great way to keep your team updated on what’s happening in Perdoo. Even if they don’t have a Perdoo account!

With the integration enabled, we’ll send automatic messages to a channel of your choice on Slack whenever:

  • An Objective is created
  • A Key Result is created
  • An Action is created
  • A Key Result has been updated
  • An Action has been updated

In order to set it up, please make sure you have Ambassador rights in your Account and follow the next steps:

1- Go to the Configure tab on the left side panel.

2- From there, click on Integrations.

3- Click on Connect to Slack.

4- From this screen, you may need to Sign in first. If you are already logged in, it will ask you to authorize the access to your team and select where you want the updates to be sent.

5- Once you choose where you want to receive the updates, click Authorize.

You are all set! Now you should be able to receive updates with Perdoo’s Slack Integration.


If in the future, you wish to stop receiving Slack notifications on Perdoo, just head to the same Integrations tab and click on Remove.

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