Key Performance Indicators or KPI's are measurements that help you determine how a specific area in your business is performing. 

Both Company and Groups should define the KPIs that best translate their core responsibilities and constantly monitor their behaviour to ensure they stay on top of the game. When a KPI is below the desired value, it's important to create an OKR to focus on fixing it.

As a Company, you have the option to enable KPI's to create a holistic experience in your Organization. When you enable KPI's for the Company, each team will have the option of adding them to the top of their profile pages so they can easily monitor their key metrics while also focussing on their top priorities for the quarter through OKRs. 

To enable KPIs:

  1. Click on Configure
  2. From General, click on the check box that reads Enable KPI's for the Company
  3. Click Submit

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