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Integrate Perdoo with Notion
Integrate Perdoo with Notion
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While we don't offer a native integration with Notion, you can easily keep tasks and/or projects in Notion in sync with your goals in Perdoo via our Zapier integration. This is helpful, for example, if you want a completed task in Notion to automatically complete an Initiative in Perdoo, or if you want a Notion project's progress to automatically update progress for the corresponding Initiative in Perdoo.

How it works:

  • All you need to do is add a property to your Project or Task database.

  • We recommend calling this property 'Perdoo Goal ID'

  • Select the Initiative in Perdoo that you wish to integrate and copy the 'rId' from your browser's address bar. Paste this into the Perdoo Goal ID field in Notion.

  • Create a new Zap. In the Trigger step, select Notion as the app and choose 'Updated Database Item' as the event.

  • On the Trigger tab, choose the Project or Task database that you wish to integrate with Perdoo.

  • Find a Test record. You should now see a 'Perdoo Goal ID' under properties in the test record. If you don't see this: go back to Notion, add a sample Task or Project with a Perdoo Goal ID, update its status, and then try again.

  • Click Continue with selected record.

  • Add an Action step to your Zap and choose the latest Perdoo app.

  • Select the right event (eg, Update Initiative).

  • Add the Notion fields Perdoo Goal ID under Initiative ID, and Completion under Value (the image shows New Value, but it is Value):

That's it! You can now put the Zap live.

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